iOS Tips

Export Installed Applications List #

sudo apt install ideviceinstaller
ideviceinstaller --list-apps

The output is in CSV format:

>CFBundleIdentifier, CFBundleVersion, CFBundleDisplayName
org.mozilla.ios.Firefox, "5301", "Firefox"
org.zulip.Zulip, "1", "Zulip"

To remove (uninstall) an application:

ideviceinstaller --uninstall <CFBundleIdentifier>

--archive does not work since iOS 7.

Show Device Info #

sudo apt-get install usbmuxd libimobiledevice6 libimobiledevice-utils
ideviceinfo --simple

For more information, type ideviceinfo. I can also query domain information, e.g. ideviceinfo --domain Type ideviceinfo -h to see the domain list.

Backup #

The current released version (1.3.0) of libimobiledevice does not work with iOS 14. To backup iOS 14 devices, you need to compile it from the git HEAD.

First, remove the installed versions from apt:

sudo apt-get remove libimobiledevice6 libimobiledevice-utils

Then, compile and install the following dependencies:

Finally, compile libimobiledevice itself:

Then run the commands directly from the tools directory:

cd libimobiledevice/tools
./idevicebackup2 backup --full /path/to/backup/directory