Micro GitHub Page Template #

Features #

  1. No JavaScript.
  2. Minimalistic 404 page.
  3. Clean urls (/page/ instead of /page.html).
  4. SEO sitemap.
  5. Use /commits/master.atom of source repository for RSS.
  6. application/git+http rel tag.
  7. Use Primer Jekyll theme, which is the default theme for GitHub Pages

Use #

  1. Create a new repository at GitHub based on template weakish/micro-gh-page.

  2. Edit _config.yml, for example:

     title: your-site-title
  3. (optional) Add a favicon.ico file.

  4. (optional) Add a CNAME file to use your own domain.

  5. (optional) Add repo: USERNAME/REPO_NAME in _config.yml.

  6. Commit changes and push.

Preview #

Install the requirements:

bundle install

Preview locally:

bundle exec jekyll serve

ZeroNet #

To deploy to ZeroNet, just add a new config file, e.g. _zeronet.yml, to override the site.url variable:


Then build the site with:

bundle exec jekyll build --config _config.yml,_zeronet.yml -d PATH_TO_ZERONET/data/YOUR_ZERONET_SITE_ADDRESS

Afterwards you can sign and publish your zeronet site: siteSign YOUR_ZERONET_SITE_ADDRESS sitePublish YOUR_ZERONET_SITE_ADDRESS

You can also sign and publish your site via the zero panel in the browser.

Examples #