visudo for all commands

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viconf solves the following problems for me:

  • I cannot remembered where programs put their config file.
  • I am too lazy to man command to look up the config file location.
  • I often make typos when editing config files.



viconf command

Then viconf will open the config file for this command, and you can edit it. And viconf will try to check the syntax before saving the file.


You need wget and node module coffee, shelljs to install this script.

sudo npm install -g coffee-script
git clone
cd viconf
npm install shelljs
sudo coffee

This will install the viconf bin file to /usr/local/bin/. You can specify install directory via install, e.g.

sudo coffee install /usr/bin


coffee install ~/bin

You can use the following command to update configure files from the upstream repo (Be careful, it will overrides your local changes.)

coffee updatedb