Build a Site With GitHub Pages in a Simple Way

Focus on content, not the site design and configuration.

README as Index Page

No need to write index.html or GitHub Pages will just use as index page.

Use master Branch

In repository settings, enable GitHub Pages for the master branch.

For a project site, a is sufficient. This also makes updating project site easier. Just update without the hassles of sync documentation between master and gh-pages branches.

For a personal site of articles and notes, just directly write the markdown files. For example:

URLs will be:


And GitHub Pages will automatically add a link to index.html at the header of every page (except for index.html itself), and an edit link (fork and request pull within browser) to the source markdown file in the repository.


Yes. You can have a site powered by GitHub Page up and running without writing a single line of yaml configuration, html template, css, javascript, etc.

In fact, this site is built in a similarly approach. I did wrote three lines of configuration, though.

# _config.yml

  # 301 redirects
  - jekyll-redirect-from
  # Sitemap for search engines.
  - jekyll-sitemap

# Turn `/contact.html` to `/contact/`.
permalink: /:title/

Besides, I also put favicon.ico and 404.html in the repository, to customize favicon and 404 page.