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Key Default New Rationale
F1 help find action inspired by vscode
F2 next error - common action
F3 next occurrence - convention
F4 jump to source - common action
F5 refactor: copy quick documentation I have poor memory and use this a lot.
F6 refactor: move refactor: rename I am irresolute.
F7 debug: step into find usage (addtional) I use this a lot, and the default three-key combo is too hard to remember.
F8 debug: step out build project (addtional) I use this a lot.
F9 debug: resume toggle bookmark (addtional) Inspired by Yin Wang. I also set alt/ctrl/shift + F9 to show/next/previous book.
F10 menu (os) - -
F11 toggle bookmark toggle fullscreen convention
F12 Go back to the previous tool window - -