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I use Sublime Text keymap with a few tweaks:


I bind frequently used actions to F keys, so they are easier to reach. The "Sublime" field refers to the default keyboard shorts for the real Sublime Text editor, not the Sublime Text keymap for JetBrains IDEs.

Key Default Sublime Me Rationale
F1 help n/a find action inspired by vscode
F2 next error next bookmark refactor: rename inspired by file managers and vscode
F3 next occurrence next occurrence next occurrence convention
F4 jump to source next results in find all go to declaration/usage more powerful than "jump to source"
F5 refactor: copy n/a quick documentation near F4
F6 refactor: move toggle spell check go to symbol inspired by go to address bar in web browser
F7 debug: step into build find usage consistent with Ctrl+F7 (find usage in current file)
F8 debug: step out n/a last edit location near F9
F9 debug: resume sort lines toggle bookmark Inspired by Yin Wang.
F10 menu (os) menu (os) menu (os)
F11 toggle fullscreen toggle fullscreen toggle fullscreen convention
F12 go to declaration/usage go to definition terminal Already bind go to declaration/usage to F4 and inspired by web browser (F12 for the console).

Other Tweaks